customs clearance services

All International Transportations begin and end in Customs. This process typically involves completing paperwork, paying any applicable duties and taxes, and providing any necessary documentation. Customs clearance is an important part of the international trade process, as it ensures that goods are properly declared and regulated, and helps to protect the economic, health, and security interests of the country.

FREIGHT MASTERS Customs Team is well experienced not only in documentation and requirements of Customs in Azerbaijan Republic, as well experienced in correct filing the declarations and arranging Pre-Declarations as per requirement of the Customs in Azerbaijan Republic.

  • Pre-Declaring Goods to Customs
  • PSA & Non PSA CC services
  • Temporary Imp. & Exp. Services
  • Transit formalities by Air, Road, Rail & Sea
  • Obtaining Certificate of Origin
  • Obtaining Special Permits
  • HS Code Identification
  • Lab Inspection Procedures
  • Green Corridor Consultation

Are you confused with Customs Regulations and Clearance Regulations? Contact with a Freight Masters Customs Expert.

Goods we clear

  • General Cargo
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Project Cargo
  • Transit Cargo
  • Temporary Cargo
  • Double Purpose Cargo

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