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Airfreight is a fast and efficient way to move goods, especially over long distances or when speed is of the essence. Airfreight is often more expensive than other modes of transportation, such as shipping by sea or land, but it is faster and more reliable. It is used to transport a wide variety of goods, including perishable items, hazardous materials, and high-value goods. It is extremely important to choose reliable freight forwarder.

FREIGHT MASTERS LLC has direct agreements with main carriers and master loaders in the Region. We offer airfreight services to Azerbaijan & Georgia from all over the globe and following services:

  • Charter flights
  • Door to Door Services by Air
  • SCO/GUW deliveries via GYD
  • Turkmenbashi door delivery via GYD
  • DG Cargo Packaging in AZ & KZ

Transit formalities in GYD arranged by Freight Masters LLC, for further details regarding transit formalities and mandatory documents please contact our operations team and pleasure will be ours to assit you.

air freight we move by air

  • General Cargo
  • Dangerous Goods
  • High Value cargo
  • Chemicals & Liquids
  • Spare Parts

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